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"I recommend Terri to everyone I know!"

Mary McGill

"Terri has staged a property for me and it is absolutely beautifully done!! She has such great ability to see shape, color and design, to maximize the beauty of the property. Also not to create her likes, but to best enhance the style of the home. Terri has also painted beautifully and we worked together with the seller to enhance the beauty and marketability of the properties.

Not only has she accomplished these things, but also kept me abreast on items I may not be aware of, such as small repairs, loose, hinges, doors that don't close properly, smoke alarms chirping, and so forth.

There is no doubt, when I need a home properly staged, I call Terri, and highly recommend her to everyone I know!!"

RE/MAX The Group

"I will definitely tell the new homeowners about you!"

Judy F., Casper, Wyoming

"Even though Terri doesn't usually do exterior painting, she knew that I wasn't comfortable getting on the roof of my house to paint the upper levels of my home, so she agreed to paint it for me.

She did such a beautiful job! I am going to recommend her to the people who buy my house and will use her in my new home.

Also, she had her husband install a new microwave for me and he did a great job, too. Thank you so much for your work."


Brandon, J., Casper, Wyoming

"I cannot thank you enough for the great job you did for us. We were blown away with the level of detail and your approach. I am so thankful that I was introduced to you.

My mom has some rentals and has said that she is planning on using your services."

"How Terri transformed our home..."

Alice and Jim Anderson, Rapid City, South Dakota

"In our 56 years of marriage, we have owned four comfortable homes. I say comfortable because they were functional, nice and in par with most of our friends. They were not outstanding or a cut above anything, mainly because they were ordinary. In September, 2015, we purchased another home, and because it was fairly new, my husband said it was time we had more drama in our décor.

My first thought was who could do this, and although I am very particular with everything, I wondered who would put up with me and be creative enough to produce drama and a place where everyone would want to visit. OK, let’s tell the truth here. I am picky about my colors and the style of elegance. I didn’t know if drama had a place in that scenario.

Well, I had the opportunity to see Terri’s home and was awe struck by the many things she put together to cause drama, and when she said inexpensive, I was caught hook, line and sinker.

It was difficult to let go of the design restrictions and the color schemes, but between my husband and Terri, I agreed to stay out of the way and not look at anything until it was done. Leaving the house every day and keeping my focus turned away from the projects and it was hard, but I kept my promise.

The first thing was our living room. I had given her a tight budget for the entire house and when I finally was allowed to come into the living room via the front door to get that 10 second first impression, I was shocked – literally shocked! She had used our older furniture a deer mount we had in the garage, some newly purchased huge pictures and rearranged my furniture. It took my breath away. I was seeing a living room that could have been on the cover page of Home and Garden magazine. I was almost brought to tears. Terri said she might put a picture of that room on her web site. I hope she does.

The next project was our master bedroom and bath. By now I was beginning to get the gist of what was happening and I liked it. She had already spent a little time in the dining room/kitchen, changing out some of the pictures that were in storage with the ones being used above the table beautified that room incredibly.

I asked about the proposed design of the bedroom and master bath. Both she and my husband, Jim, said I had to wait. There is a picture of this room on her website, but it is absolutely no comparison to the real thing. I could not believe Terri could redesign as quickly as she did. Again, when I saw it and the first night of sleeping there and then waking in the morning was unbelievable. Now when I wake up it feels like I am in a villa along the coast of Italy. It feels fresh and vibrant and inviting us to rest, meditate and let the sun rays awaken the day. It is truly amazing!

Terri did some rearranging, in the guest bedroom and when we had our first guests, they loved the room and said they felt so comfortable and it was like being on vacation in a Ritzy hotel.

Before she called the project completed on what we needed her to accomplish, she spent a little time in the man cave rearranging, hanging the proper pictures, trophies and mounts. WOW, she hit a homerun! It is a magnificent masculine room where I spend a lot of time reading, watching television or just resting.

We have more rooms to be re-designed and Terri most definitely will be our designer! "