The Degeest Clients wanted their home to be elegant and comfortable. In the living room I designed/decorated the room with 2 extra large pieces of art (new) and then used furniture that they already owned to finish the look. Currently it is the trend to decorate with plastic white animal heads but because the owner had a mount of a white fallow deer, the design was more authentic by using it.

Living Room Before #1

Degeest Living Room After #1

Degeest Dining Room Before

The dining room is small so I used a rectangular table and lighter bar stools. The Kitchen is still a work in progress and pictures will be posted when finished.

Degeest Dining Room After

Degeest Master Bedroom Before

The Master Bedroom was functional but lacked personality and needed updated. While the clients budget did not allow for a new bedroom set, we were able to add new bedding and a few repurposed accents to give the room the drama they were looking for with the spicy green and blackish walls.

Master Bedroom After

Spare Bedroom Before

The Spare Bedroom was a simple fix by re-using a more sophisticated bedding and slim lamps and tables with curtains to finish the look.

Spare Bedroom After