Accent Your Home With Splashes of Colors

Contact an interior color consultant in Casper, WY

Are you planning to paint your home’s interior but just can’t decide on a paint color? With so many options for colors and finishes, it can be difficult to choose the right shade to set the mood of your room.

Partner with an interior color consultant to take the guesswork out of your interior design choices. Terri’s Interior Solutions offers interior color consulting services in Casper, WY. We can help you choose:

Wall colors | Curtain colors | Flooring options | Furniture colors

In addition, we offer interior painting services to give your home a professional paint job.
If you need an interior painter to help you update your walls, reach out to Terri’s Interior Solutions today.

3 ways an interior color consultant can assist you

If you need professional help choosing the right shade of moody blue or want to give your kitchen a bright yellow hue, contact Terri’s Interior Solutions. An interior color consultant can help you:

  1. Pick paint colors that will complement your furnishings and accessories.
  2. Choose a color that sets the desired mood in any room.
  3. Select colors for several rooms to improve the flow of your interior design.

Quit stressing about paint colors for your Casper, WY home and call Terri’s Interior Solutions today.

Picking Paints

Getting the color right is just the first step.
Make sure you know which type of paint is best for your project.

Information taken from Paint it magazine.


No sheen, easily scuffed. Best for hiding imperfections in walls. Reserve for low traffic areas.


Subtle sheen, scrubbable finish. Best for most rooms because it minimizes surface flaws.


Visible sheen, scrubbable finish. Best for high-traffic areas such as kitchens and bathrooms because it's so easy to clean.


High sheen, very scrubbable finish. Best for cabinets, doors and trim. Magnifies surface flaws so prep work is key. (Even though most professionals will say to use gloss on doors, I will generally use semi-gloss or satin, because I do not like the highly reflective surface.)