Home Staging for your Casper Mountain Home

Master Bedroom Staging #1

After the Master Bedroom was painted, the realtor felt it was important to stage the $1.3 million home. I used a fluffy, ivory comforter and a lace spread for texture and furry, fluffy and colored pillows to bring personality into the room. While the lamps were not exactly the same they were staged in a way that created symmetry, which is important in staging a bedroom.

Master Bedroom Staging #2

When Staging, sometimes it is best not to use curtains, so that the room will have more natural light. (You will see in another project, I used curtains to help brighten the room)

Kitchen Buffet

Kitchen Desk

Kitchen Island

The following are Staging Inspiration pictures. Remember, when staging a home for sale, it is not the same as decorating it to live in. The style needs to please the masses, not a small audience. When a home is smaller, use light and bright colors. When the home is VERY large, you may use dark colors so that its size does not intimidate the buyer.